Vintage Silk Painted 2 Piece Gown Set - M/L

  • DESCRIPTION: Vintage Silk Painted Hand-Dyed 2 Piece Gown Set - M/L

    Great. Natural variations in colors due to dye. 

    MEASUREMENTS: model is 5’2” wearing 5” heels. 
    Bust: 38”
    Waist: 36”
    Hips: 45”
    Length: 60”
    Fits-Like Estimate: M/L
  • To prolong your vintage garment keep out of direct sunlight. Delicate dresses should not be hung on non-padded hangers. Keeps moths away with cedar or lavender. Do not use mothballs.
  • All sales are final. Please check measurements before buying. Insurance included on items over $200. Seller is not responsible for import duties/taxes.

Vendor: Clothing

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